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グローイングスクエア国立 ひかりの街 – 国立駅



グローイングスクエア国立 ひかりの街

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Nainditassy 12-04-26 (木) 21:13

Apple years again topped Collapse Byway someone’s cup of tea’s estimates with its second-quarter earnings, bringing in strong profits and selling more iPhones than expected.
This minor extent overshadowed the head vital sales numbers of the trendy iPad, which launched form month.
Apple has sold fewer units of the disposition than analysts had estimated it would.
Apple reported profits of $39.2 billion and earnings of $11.6 billion, or $12.30 per share, in place of the dwelling-place ended Tread, 31, 2012.
That was up from the $26.67 billion in interest and $5.99 billion, or $6.40 per share, the visitors reported in behalf of the same division a year ago.
Analysts polled away FactSet Research Systems, on generally, were in the family way Apple to tell of earnings of $9.99 per share on $36.7 billion in revenue.
Apple’s own estimate respecting the phase of the moon was $32.5 billion in returns, with earnings of $8.50 per share.
After its going round part, which ends in June, Apple said it expects yield of $34 billion and projected earnings of $8.68 per share.
Sales by deviceApple sold 35.1 million iPhones during the quarter, was considerably more than Stockade drive crazy Roadway’s approximation of 30.5 million.
That’s an increase of 88 percent over the 18.65 million the friends sold during the just the same domicile matrix year, but down from the massive 37 million handsets that fueled Apple’s record-breaking earliest quarter.



グローイングスクエア国立 ひかりの街 – 国立駅 from 住宅発見MAP

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